What will it cost to develop Your website?


It depends on several factors:

- number of pages of the website

- existence of content

- additional/unique "features"

- time for development


The cost of the Basic complete set of the one-page website starts from 300 EURO

This includes:

- concept development, design and assembly

- content placement - texts, photo, video

- optimization for mobile devices - tablets and smartphones

- basic keywords (and also title, description, header and other)

- favicon and references in social networks

- consultations on website promotion (Internet and "alive")


Your website may contain unique "features" – animation, effects "before/after", pop-up windows, running lines, other functional and eye-catching additions which will give identity to Your project. Installation and debugging of such additions demands time and efforts therefore they aren't included a basic set of the website development (paid separately).


Additional works on the website which are paid separately:

- services of a photo and video taping

- writing and processing of texts, articles

- market and competitors analysis

- marketing and promotion on social media networks

- advertizing campaigns and so forth.


Contact us for more precise determination of cost of your website